Foods That Fight Brain Aging

Foods That Trigger Anxiety

Nutrition is a crucial part of staying healthy and fit. While some foods are good for your heart or for losing weight, there are others who fight brain aging.

1. Dark Chocolate
The dentate gyrus or the function of the brain responsible for hippocampal formation is what declines with age. However, recent researchers have found that incorporating dark chocolate into the daily diet can enhance DG function by quite a bit. This means that chances of brain related diseases are also reduced.

2. Crab Meat
Crab is a rich source of Phenylalanine and crab meat provides the daily requirement for it in one single serving. It is directly responsible for secretion of more dopamine along with other hormones as well. As such, crab meat plays a huge role in reducing the rate of your brain aging.

3. Celery
One of the best Foods that fight brain aging is celery. There is a compound called Luteolin which is responsible for calming the inflammation in the brain. Celery happens to be extremely rich in this compound and helps reduce one of the biggest reason of brain aging which is inflammation.

4. Green Tea
In general, green tea is extremely beneficial to your health protecting your brain from decline. Green tea has been known to enhance muscle memory in the brain and improving the overall thought process. Receiving green tea extracts on a regular basis can help tackle an aging brain.

5. Fatty Fish
Such fish are generally extremely rich in stuff like omega-3 acids. This helps keep your heart in a healthy condition and boosts your brain’s activities in general. Studies have also shown that it improves object recognition, overall responsiveness and makes way for better spatial/local memory. It is without question one of the best Foods that fight brain aging.