How To Use Psychology To Stay Healthy

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Health and fitness should not be a trend. Healthy living comes with a lifestyle and not a gym membership that you got for a new year and then abandoned it few weeks later. Nor it comes with a diet that lasts for two months in order to lose few pounds for your wedding or birthday. See, the problem is that when people think of health, they think of looks and the looks are often related to extra fat that we carry. We tend to be impatient during the process and once we do not see the results in a few weeks, we give up. That’s why it is important to understand that health and fitness is a lifestyle and it comes with a right mindset. To help you get into that mindset, we have a few psychological approaches.
Psychology can sound like a fancy academic term, but it simply means the study of our minds and behavior. Did you ate a cookie instead of a healthy snack today? that can be explained by psychology. Do you feel bad because of your belly fat that doesn’t go away? That as well can be explained – the way we think, perceive ourselves and develop habits. So, how can we use this scientific approach to our brains to help us stay in shape and keep our bodies healthy?

Healthy lifestyle starts with habit and using psychological approach will help you develop the best of them. This is why most of the people fail their new year’s resolutions and never go back to the gym or right nutrition. Their motivation fades away as soon as they realize how slow the process is and how little reward it offers along the way (the reward comes eventually, but it takes time). When the motivation fails, the habit remains. Habit is what you do regardless of a conscious decisions. Your brain tells you that it is not a great idea to jog and instead you can sit at home and get a rush of dopamine by eating potato chips and watching Netflix. Your habit tells you to get up and exercise.

How do you develop habit? By forcing yourself through the rough phase of first few weeks. After some time your body and mind gets used to it and exercising does not feel like a torture. During this period you can start slowly – simply go to the gym for 15-20 minutes. Be as comfortable as possible. Afterwards reward yourself with something – even if it is an unhealthy dessert like ice cream. It is much more important to develop an exercise habit than to get in shape at this time. Later on, once you start getting used to, you can increase the duration of your workouts.
Another way to use psychology is to motivate yourself once in a while. The enthusiasm at the beginning fades away and habits stay, but a little spark of motivation can boost your results. Take a look at nice looking people once a day and tell yourself that you want to look like them. Watch YouTube channels about fitness. It is a great way to follow healthy people throught their days. Tell yourself that if you develop healthy habits and exercise, you can be just like them.

Psychology is an amazing subject and you should learn more about it if you want to master the benefits of it. Start reading more newbie-friendly psychology sites like Psychologytoday or Psychologium for example. There are also amazing books available about the topic. One is called  The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and it explains in details how habits are formed and how you can use that knowledge to develop your own healthy ones.

Hopefully the article was helpful. Make sure you try as much as you can and use mental tricks above to achieve your desired results. For more information, Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions is here for you.